Sigmar 61 m²


  • 210mm thick pine construction log with bevelled sides
  • log interior and exterior walls
  • the base surface of the first row of logs is impregnated with tar oil
  • drawings
  • fasteners
  • corner tie “Norwegian kill”
  • log ceiling beams
  • insulation material
  • between the logs: sheep wool 20 mm (80% natural sheep wool, 20% core)
  • tender trees for window and door openings
  • drying compensation grooves on the opposite side of the asset
  • the logs are treated from the outside with SINESTO B anti-blueness agent
  • the logs are marked and ready for installation
  • packing and securing the logs with tape, ready for loading, loading onto the car


  • log part material
  • wooden structure of the roof and roof ceiling (rafter material, flashing,
  • ventilation strips, end boards, eaves boards, ceiling lining boards)
  • roof insulation
  • roof tile
  • opening fillings (external doors and windows)
  • installation

Model House in Norway