Log house kits

log frame

Material package - contains all the materials needed to establish the log frame

Log frame:

  • round and squared logs: 250/210/160 mm
  • inner and outer log walls
  • the first row of logs is impregnated with tar oil
  • project files, sketches
  • fixing devices
  • corner joint: Norwegian notch
  • log ceiling beams
  • thermal insulation material between the logs: 15mm flax wool
  • assembly boards for window and door openings
  • drying compensation grooves
  • logs are treated with SINESTO B
  • logs are marked and ready for assembly
  • packing and securing the logs with metal installation strap, loading readiness, loading onto a car

wooden materials

Material package - contains all the wooden materials added to the log frame log frame

Wooden materials:

  • wooden frame construction
    (wood paneling and outer lining boards, frame)
  • roof- and roof-ceiling wood construction (rafters, roof battens, aerated structure, gable boards, eaves fascia, ceiling boards)
  • First-floor wooden construction (ceiling boards, beams, full boarding/OSB plate)
  • terrace and terrace fence wooden materials

addon materials

Additional materials and carpentry works


  • windows, windowsills and exterior doors
  • interior doors
  • exterior strips (doors and windows)
  • interior strips (doors and windows)
  • ceiling strips
  • floor strips
  • vapour and wind barrier materials
  • insulation materials
  • sauna lining tables
  • internal staircase (one-sided handrail, railings)
  • fixing devices