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Manufacturing and selling handcrafted barrel saunas

We are manufacturing and selling handcrafted barrel saunas. Our product range is also handcrafted barrel saunas and oval saunas. The saunas provided by us are a complete solution, that means, they are quickly portable and fitted to your garden, waterfront shore or even downtown street. There is no need for a construction project to install a sauna.

Walls of the barrel sauna is produced of 44mm and 28mm spruce material. Bitumen shingle is used as a roofing material. The sauna room is made of softwood/wound linen, comes complete with a floorboard, a Skame wood burner and a heat sink back cover and a 25-liter stainless water tank. Our barrel saunas are covered with tar oil from the outside. The number of ventilation holes in the barrel sauna depends on the number of rooms inside.

The barrel saunas are with different lengths (200mm, 240mm, 330mm, 400mm, and 490mm), and a variety of space sets (1-3 rooms). You can find sauna choices on the barrels bar.