Oval sauna 3,5m x 4,5m


  • dimensions: width 350cm x depth 450cm
  • 3 rooms
  • outer walls: 44mm
  • inner walls: 28mm
  • wooden stove

Oval sauna wall material is 44mm spruce material, and the end walls are 28mm spruce material. Bitumen is as a roofing material. In the steam room is used black alder/aspen. A kit contains a floor grids, a rear heat insulation plate, and a 25-liter stainless water tank. We have been using tar oil for the outside walls.

Standard kit

Width 3.5m and depth 4.5m

Standard set: Skamet wood stove (heating from the front room), heat resistant heater guard, chimney, lockable outside door, 2x interior doors, 3x windows, steam room benches, dressing and laundry room benches, floor grilles, drainage, ventilation openings, brown exterior finish

Additional options

Led lights + socket, round window 80cm, 25L or 40L water tank and ash shovel.